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Domestic Polish Market
Zbigniew Korzeniowski - CEO
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Export/Import Department
Artur Czekanowski
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Cold Store

The Modern Cold Storage Warehouse is a strong point of the company and great opportunities for You.

  • Space over 5000 
  • Freezer for over 250 mt in temp -18C
  • Cold stores for over 700 mt in temp +2+8C 
  • Warehouse for over 3000 mt powders in temp +18C
  • Veterinary control and supervision, export to EU and outside of EU
  • Atractive storage conditions and prices

Do You need store the goods? We invite You to Elblag

Do You want to buy goods? Our regular offer includes on stock hundreds of tons of various products.


We cooperate with the best forwarders and transport companies in Poland and abroad! Do You need a tarpaulin, refrigerator, tanker truck or to be delivered? No problem!


We deliver dairy ingredients professionally! Let's cooperate.