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Domestic Polish Market
Zbigniew Korzeniowski - CEO
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Export/Import Department
Artur Czekanowski
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Two partners Marian Szumski and Zbigniew Korzeniowski founded the TRANS-SER company in '92. Yes! it was about TRANSport of cheese (SER in Polish) from eastern part to North on Baltic area, and specifically to Gdansk where there was a trading point. And so, from 3 mt sales per day company grow to tens of thousands of tons yearly of butter, cheese, powders, liquids and other products for industry today.

An important moment in the company's development was the launch of the Cold Storage Warehouse in Elblag in 2010. Over 5,000 sq m, above all, all our partners have access to all types of dairy ingredients, as well as professional storage for clients and industry leaders.

Distribution of dairy products for industry its our specialization. Why is it worth with us?

  • Over 28 years of experience in the dairy business
  • West-east, north-south cross-border cooperation
  • Own cold storage warehouse offers many opportunities for company and partners
  • Small or large orders, we invite everyone
  • A great team of specialists from the dairy industry
  • Quality - here everything is clear, safety is the most important thing.
  • You need help? We will solve it, just let us know

We proud of Forbes Awards, Business Gazelles for many years as a distinction for company and partners.

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